Family Business Sign

06.05.2019 year

We are pleased to announce the receipt of the Family Business sign by our company. The term family business refers to the companies established and controlled by family members , focused on creating long-lasting relationships with customers, suppliers and the local environment. A family businesses are constantly working on building their good name and raising their long-term value.

REUS is a company with 100% Polish capital backing, permanently relocated to Poland in 2001. The company’s offices are in Kamien Pomorski where REUS also has its manufacturing plants, warehouses and logistics and international sales departments. The company conducts numerous investments, including but not limited to building new manufacturing plants on recently purchased land with an area of over 4 hectares.

REUS’s stable economic situation and its constant development allows it to gradually hire more employees and increase staff competences of current ones. The company is actively contributing with the local community by helping in organization and sponsoring of numerous events.

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