Dispenser napkins

Cellulose dispenser napkins are one of our leading products. Organic and hygienic napkins dispensed with dispensers are the perfect choice for restaurants, bars, hotels and all other places where it is advisable to use paper napkins.

Dispenser napkins have the advantage over standard sizes that they are more efficient and more hygienic. The dispenser dispenses a limited number of napkins, thanks to which, their use is more economical. Napkins in the housing are not exposed to dirt and other people’s touch.

We also offer modern dispensers, wooden and metal. Our napkins are made in Poland, using the best quality cellulose, have a neutral smell and a nice texture. They have the necessary quality certificates.

Reus is a manufacturer of paper dispenser napkins with over 35 years of experience. Most of the production is delivered to the Scandinavian market. Ask for a quote on our leading product: napkin dispensers from Reus.