In our offer you will find two unique dispensers. They’ve been made with Take One napkins in mind and are ideal for all sectors of the HoReCa industry. Hotels, restaurants and catering services alike consume vast amounts of these cleaning agents. That is why it is worth to invest in an efficient and professional product. The dispensers that we sell are solid and reliable.

We’d like to recommend our eco-friendly dispenser that is made of varnished wood. It’s designed in a way that allows for single napkin dispensing whilst keeping the following napkins untouched. Its simple yet stylish construction prove them to be easy to use and they also presents themselves aesthetically and hence forth can have a decorative function too. They are offered in two timeless colors of black and white.

Our sturdy plastic dispensers are characterized by their low weight and surprising functionality – same as the wooden ones – ensuring dispensing of one napkin at a time. That kind of dispensing is not only hygienic but also helps to save money as there is no unwanted napkin waste. That’s why we recommend using our innovative and modern solutions and checking how high the quality products can change your working environment.