Modern, ecological
and efficient

Thanks to the use of the latest production technology and ecological, efficient materials, our core-less paper towels are characterized by very high absorbency and wet strength and the fact that they leave no waste (no core). The consistent structure of the paper does not dust and does not leave hairs, therefore our towels are ideal for cleaning glass and any shiny or varnished surfaces.

Core-less paper towels are an undisputed bestseller among the products we offer. We offer them in two sizes – Medium Rolls and Mini Rolls. Both of these have the same height of 20 cm. Mini Rolls paper towels have length of 110 meters and Medium Rolls of 210 meters.

Minimizing waste and maximizing efficiency has allowed us to create a stunning product. Customers around the world appreciate our innovative, core-less paper towels. Immediately after taking our paper towel in your hand you will notice unquestionable difference between our product and those from supermarkets. Reus paper towels offer high performance especially in terms of liquid absorbency. Because of this everyday cleaning tasks like wiping the tables will require a fraction of material in comparison to competing products. Reus’s single layered towel reels are able to absorb twice as much liquid as other popular paper towels available on the market.

The HoReCa industry branch requires orientation on hygiene and cleanliness of the services provided. In this economic sector, maintaining the order and providing our customers with the highest level of service is an extremely important factor influencing the success of the business. To meet these expectations, we offer you unique paper towels that impress with their efficiency and absorbency. In hotel industry, they are used for maintaining pristine cleanliness in the rooms and bathrooms alike. They are also irreplaceable in gastronomy, when draining fat or oily substances, or wiping off wet surfaces. Reus’s paper towels are ideal for cleaning windows, mirrors and other shiny surfaces that are prone to having visible dust particles. Thanks to our innovative technology, our paper towels leave no fibers and perfectly clean any surface – the difference is visible even after first wipe.

Within wide range of our products you will also specialistic paper towels that were purposely manufactured for large production plants or cleaning crews. The efficiency of that paper during cleaning is extremely important. Maxi Super is characterized by its tall 30 cm size and length of up to 750 meters. We are also a manufacturer of Maxi Roll Air Laid, a so called hairdresser paper towels. They are made of special cellulose fibers and stand tall at 30 cm height and unwind to 240 meters in length.

Paper towels are a reliable companion in every household. The convenience they offer, meaning the ability to wipe/clean the surface without the need of ever washing a cloth is unquestionable. Our innovative product made out of 100% pure cellulose is biodegradable which means that our products practically do not generate any waste. And the paper itself has the ability to quickly decompose leaving the environment unharmed. We are, after all, guided by the idea of Zero Waste. Our paper towels have the European Green Certificate, which supports technologically advanced productions while maintaining high standards of obtaining raw materials that are safe for natural environment.