Reus is a family owned business, a long time hygienic paper articles and cardboard packaging manufacturer.

Our company was founded 35 years ago in Sweden. In 2001 we’ve moved our manufacturing plants to Poland. Our white kitchen reels, made out of 100% pure selected cellulose are our flagship product. Thanks to the latest innovations in production techniques, tissue paper used in manufacturing of our paper towels gives them the highest absorption rates which is their biggest advantage in comparison to competitive products. They can be used in variety of industries, basically everywhere where cleaning tasks require the use of highest quality products.

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Reus is a family business that has been operating in Poland for 25 years. The company is strongly associated with Swedish market where it has been selling its products for over 2 decades. Successfully satisfying 20% of all paper towels and napkins demand in that market.

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Eco-friendly packaging for gastronomy

Our Eco-friendly and certified for contact with food boxes and packaging are manufactured using only the most modern technologies in conditions in which we pay special attention to both their quality of manufacturing and compliance with the requirements of the most demanding customers. According to the European Union’s so-called “Plastic Directive” the use of polystyrene or other plastics in food packaging will be significantly reduced in the coming years and eventually completely banned.

Therefore, we decided to come out with our Eco-friendly products that fulfill the same functions as Styrofoam packaging. We want to have our customer’s expectations and needs met before they even realize it. Our biodegradable boxes and cardboard packaging are of highest quality and offered at very competitive prices. They are already available in Scandinavian countries, which were first to comply with European Union’s guidelines.

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Core-less technology – no waste approach

Ever since the beginning of Reus’s existence, the core-less reels for dispensers were a cornerstone of our manufacturing and a showcase of the quality of our products. Their incredible performance in both dry and wet environments and unconditional absorbency due to the materials used in their manufacturing cause that it’s estimated that one of our reels corresponds to the efficiency of up to ten generic supermarket towel reels.

The materials used in manufacturing of our reels are characterized by the fact that they do not dust or leave strands of paper fiber so the final product offers very high efficiency at a relatively low workload.

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New generation of Eco-friendly dispenser napkins

We offer a wide range of various types of restaurant and dispenser napkins compatible with such popular systems as N4 and H3. Our pride however is the modern Take One napkin. We’ve incorporated all of our knowledge and experience in paper-converting in making this product. Therefore it’s manufactured using the latest production processes and is characterized by highest efficiency of absorption and compliance with all ecological requirements.

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REUS was founded 35 years ago in Malmo, Sweden. For the first few years it operated mainly as a commercial company dealing in the sale of paper and cardboard imported from Western countries on the Polish market. In 1993, the company transisted from a limited liability company into a family business. It was also a time of great changes for REUS when it evolved from strictly trading operations into a more forward-looking conversion of all kinds of paper.

In 2001, the manufacturing parts of the company were completely moved to Poland leaving only a small commercial branch in Scandinavia. During that time REUS has also undergone major organizational changes optimizing internal logistics and production processes. From initially offering over 80 different items, we reduced their count to around 20 of the most popular products, focusing on two main conversion pillars – cardboard and tissue (soft paper). Ever since 2001, the company is based in Kamien Pomorski, Poland, and is developing very dynamically. REUS acquired nearly 20 new conversion and manufacturing machines in this period.

One of the most important investments of the last few years for REUS was the purchase of approximately 4 hectares of land on which the new manufacturing and warehouse halls are currently being built. As of today, the company has bout 6,000 square meters of built-up areas and is constantly planning future investments and development. REUS is at the forefront of companies manufacturing paper products, in particular the core-less reels, for the Scandinavian market and one of few companies in Europe offering client’s logotypes on popular restaurant and dispenser napkins.

REUS is a company valued and respected not only because of the high quality of its products but also for a fair approach to contractors, timely deliveries and adherence to trade agreements. Currently for over 20 years REUS has remained completely in Polish hands and is actively supporting local labor market and organization of cultural events and charities in Kamien Pomorski and surrounding region.

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REUS is a family business operating in Poland for over 25 years. The company is strongly associated with Swedish market, where it has been distributing its products for over 2 decades, supplying nearly 20% of all requirements for Eco-friendly kitchen towels, napkins and paper cleaning products.


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