Ecological boxes and
food packaging

Our ecological, made of the highest quality biodegradable materials, boxes and food packaging were created with future in mind. In accordance with ecological requirements of the European Union and meeting the needs of our customers, we prepare these products not only not to leave environmentally harmful waste, but also to offer the highest possible quality at a very attractive price for the customer.

Reus is a company that is always accompanied by the idea of Zero Waste. Nature is the most important for us and that’s why we offer only biodegradable products. The boxes and packaging for our food are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, which guarantees to our customers that our products are made of raw materials coming only from responsible sources.

Our solid cardboard boxes and food packaging are manufactured using the most modern machines that allow us to create efficient and eco-friendly recyclable products and offer them at competitive prices. Among our food boxes and packaging you will find eco-friendly Bambu Box in three standard sizes: 250 ml, 500 ml and 750 ml. They are made out of very good quality solid cardboard and find use in many sectors of the HoReCa industry. They are suitable for both hot and cold dishes. The box closure keeps the temperature inside the box ensuring that the meal will stay warm longer. Bambu Boxes are available in two color schemes of the base material, white/brown and white/white. Another popular product that we sell are the China Boxes, available in three sizes 250 ml, 500 ml and 750 ml. China Boxes same as Bambu Boxes are ideal for both hot and cold meals. They’re made of solid cardboard which ensures their durability. They’re available in two colors – white and brown. Noodle Box is a packaging made for pasta lovers. Sturdy closure and protective tabs ensure that even large amounts of sauce should not flow out. The Noodle Box food packaging above all offers convenience in food serving industries. In addition to all that, the Noodle Box food packaging allows you to arrange the food aesthetically. Customers will appreciate this decent and handy food packaging. The Noodle Box is available in three sizes. 250 ml for children or starters, 500 ml and 750 ml ideally suited for pastas, delicatessen products or confectionery. The Lunch Box is an absolute hit among biodegradable boxes and food packaging. Its size perfectly fits the standard serving portion and thanks to its closure the meal keeps its temperature much longer. In our range of boxes and packaging you will also find the Hamburger Box. The packaging is perfectly matched to the size of the burger, which facilitates its transport.

Personalized packaging is something that builds the brand and image of a given business. We offer our clients personalized prints on all our packaging products and napkins. Food packaging with a printed company logo will make the business recognizable and as a result the product will sell better. In addition, it is very important for most our customers that the packaging is ecological and biodegradable. We think about the future of Earth, which is precisely why we focus on solutions that take nature under consideration and help maintaining it for as long as its possible.