2-Pack Fastfood container

2-Pack Fastfood container

Barcode: 1694
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About product

Our Eco-friendly 2-Pack Boxes are made of the highest quality solid cardboard and are suitable for contact with food – both hot and cold. Available in two colors of the base material (white/brown and brown/brown).

The minimum quantity of the ordered product is three pallets.

Product description

Manufactured using the high-end technologies ecological 2-Pack Boxes have been created to meet the expectations of the ever-changing market. According to the recent so-called European Union’s “Plastic Directive” use of plastic and Styrofoam food packaging in the coming years will be significantly reduced and eventually completely eliminated.

Eco-friendly solid cardboard Bambu Boxes adapted to direct contact with food are ideal for packaging of dry and oily, hot or cold food in all food serving environments. Available in two base material colors (white/brown and brown/brown).

Our perfectionism, state-of-the-art manufacturing machines and technologies as well as top-class staff guarantees the best quality product while maintaining very approachable prices.

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Application and certificates

  • Restaurants
  • Catering points


Base Size: 140 x 195 x 65 mm
Material: Solid Cardboard 1PE
Grammage: 320 gsm
Colour: Brown/Brown or Brown/White
Number of Items per Box: 200
Box Length: 530 mm
Box Width: 400 mm
Box Height: 445 mm
Box Weight: 9,50 kg
Number of Boxes per Layer: 4
Number of Layers on Palette: 5
Number of Boxes per Palette: 20
Gross Palette Height: 237,5 cm
Gross Palette Weight: 205 kg