Eco-friendly food containers

02.07.2019 year

Takeaway and fast food bars have become more popular and ubiquitous because of globalization and a busy life style. An integral part of such places are obviously disposable food containers. Billions of people produce tons of waste as they use plastic food containers every day. As a result, they pollute our planet. That’s why, it’s so important that the containers meet the highest standards of eco-friendly products.

A sea of waste

Seas, lakes and oceans keep getting more and more polluted. Human activity over the past centuries has caused a great damage to the environment. Wastewater, chemical substances and tones of plastic waste emit gases which are harmful to the environment. No organism can exist without clean water and we’re running out of potable water supplies. Hence, we ought to do our utmost to protect our planet and take full advantage of renewable materials, the ones that can be replenished.

Zero waste

Frankly, more and more people decide to lead a more ‘zero waste’ life. This concept is based on cutting down on waste and recycling it, so that these people avoid wasting anything. A well-planned grocery list and a sustainable resources management: these are the ways which will bring you on a zero waste path. More and more shops are being opened in Europe where all goods are offered without packages. You bring your own bags and food containers to the shop or you buy them there. This concept is all about being on the lookout for the eco-friendliest solutions in everyday life. Using products which are 100% biodegradable and recyclable is one of the ways to protect the environment.

Eco-friendly food containers

Solid cardbord is a recyclable material. It means that it’s 100% eco-friendly and biodegradable. Solid cardboard can be described as a durable material. A special layer on the box makes it waterproof. Because of it, your food will remain warm and you’ll be able to take it wherever you need to.

An innovative design

The design of solid cardboard food containers is innovative and eco-friendly. First and foremost, the containers are solid and prevent thick liquids from spilling out. For instance, if you are carrying pasta with oily gravy, there’s no risk that you can get dirty. It’s all because of a unique protective layer on the box and a perfect fit of the parts, which it consists of. That’s why, our lunch boxes are so practical. The containers are designed to carry both cold as well as hot meals in them. Overlaps in such containers like China Box or Lunch Box serve the purpose of keeping the temperature of a meal. You can enjoy a hot meal even after a considerable amount of time, which would be impossible without a box to carry your food in.

Swanky and eco-friendly

It takes only a few seconds to fold the box and the effects are incredible! You have an even, solid and swanky food container. Your clients will appreciate it, if the food you serve them will not only taste but also look good. Appealing food makes a visit to a restaurant pleasant and leaves a positive impression on the visitor. That’s why, eco-friendly food containers are an excellent way to plug the products you offer. The first thing that your clients sees is the food container. The more advertising incentives they’re exposed to, the better they remember your restaurant and the more they like it. Of course, all of it will increase the chances of them visiting your restaurant again.

Protects the environment

It’s immensely important to us that we know where the materials come from. That’s why we do a thorough research on what we are supplied with and whether the materials we use comply with legal requirements. Reus food containers meet all high-standard eco-friendly criteria, which are in force and are going to enter into force in the EU. The Council adopted a directive, which is going to be implemented by 2021, and which introduces new restrictions on certain single-use plastic products. It’s worth getting ready for it and making yourself familiar with the offer of an eco-friendly manufacturer of food containers.

Personalized containers

Eco-friendly boxes and food containers which are designed for your company. A symbol, a sign or a thank you note to your client is something that your restaurant may be known for. Personalized food containers and boxes may make a positive impression on your clients. For instance, two golden bows are a symbol of the best cheeseburgers and an elderly man wearing glasses is a symbol of mouth-watering chicken wings. Of course, these are one of the most famous fast food restaurants in the world, yet the market is growing. More and more restaurants are being opened and belong to franchised chain restaurants. We are the ones who will provide you with eco-friendly, universal food containers of its own. These boxes will change this branch of the market and will reduce waste once and for all.

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