Napkin dispensers and dinner napkins

02.07.2019 year

You can find them everywhere: at home, at work, at school, at a restaurant and in a pub. Napkins are simply ubiquitous and used on a daily basis.

Many napkins which are widely-spread contain chemical substances which damage the environment. They emit carbon dioxide and other gases which have a negative impact on the environment. That’s why, it’s worth considering what products you buy and whether they are made from eco-friendly materials. Our reliance on natural materials makes our products sustainable and is a guarantee of a high quality. This desire to protect our planet was a motivation for us to design the products we would like to present now.

Incredible properties of cellulose

Cellulose is a polysaccharide which is the main substance found in plant cell walls. It helps the plant to grow and remain stiff. Cellulose is mainly obtained from wood pulp. The kraft process is used to separate cellulose from lignin, another major component of plant matter. Cellulose is processed and used in many industry branches: starting from paper products, through cellulose glues and ending up with explosives. It has proved itself to be one of the most useful raw materials.

Dinner napkins

Napkins at restaurants are made from pure cellulose, so they are very effective when you use them. One napkin is enough to wipe something up. They are very soft and delicate. You can feel it, that you’re holding a high-quality product in your hand.

Eco-friendly first

It’s very important for us where the materials we use come from. We order them only from reliable suppliers, which get them from trustworthy manufacturers. We’ve been working for many years with suppliers who have been rewarded with Eco Label and Forest Stewardship Council certificates. These are proofs of sustainable production methods.

Supplies at a restaurant

Napkins are one of many products that are necessary if you run a restaurant. You can decide to supply your restaurant with napkin dispensers, which are very convenient for your clients, or paper towels. Dispensers can be placed on tables. This solution will allow your customers to have an easy access to napkins. They will certainly appreciate the fact that they can use high quality products at your restaurant and that they have everything they need to enjoy their meal. When they spill the juice or have food on their clothes the napkins will come in handy.

Paper towels or a hand dryer?

A paper towel dispenser is one of the best solutions to apply in the toilet in your company or in a public toilet. Electric hand dryers, which are supposed to be an eco-friendly solution, fail their purpose. First of all, most of the people don’t wait until their hands are completely dry and spread bacteria and viruses. That’s why, we should show our clients we care and provide them with high-quality products. Mini Rolls or Medium Rolls paper towels serve their purpose very well.

Quality matters

Dinner napkins or paper towels made of pure cellulose make a big difference. You’ll sense the high quality of our products immediately after having touched them. They are different from products which are so widely-spread, mainly because their eco-friendly characteristics. They are more efficient and absorb much water. They decompose without generating harmful waste at the same time. These are the napkins of the future. Dinner napkins are primarily hygienic and safe. Our company is a manufacturer who wants to make entrepreneurs aware of the fact that choosing products of the highest quality equals higher revenues. Our napkin dispensers, paper towels and cleaning rags are a perfect solution for the HoReCa sector.

Personalized restaurant napkins and takeaway food containers

Personalized napkins are a very good advertisement for a restaurant or a fast food bar. Customers who buy takeaway, pay attention to food containers and napkins. If the food container is of a low quality and doesn’t look originally, it will certainly not encourage our client to visit you again. Packages and napkins should in some sense be a reflection of our restaurant. Wishes or a couple of nice sentences may be a pleasant surprise for your client.

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